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Ten Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers for Older Kids

Children start planning their Christmas lists months in advance. They will hint, beg, scream, and plead until they fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Up to a certain age, children are easy to read when it comes to what to wrap and put under the tree. The hard part is finding meaningful gifts to stuff their stockings with. This list is full of ideas that are simple and inexpensive, but will still manage to keep the kids engaged in mind and body.


It can be so difficult to get kids up and out of the house nowadays with so much technology around to distract them. There are hundreds of methods of encouraging kids to be active, but parents could still find themselves at a loss. Spokesters are a wonderfully inexpensive way of making outside exploration fun. It's a small device that attaches to bike wheels to create the sound of a motorcycle. Not only will it get kids excited to be outside again, but it helps to build their imagination and encourages them to think beyond the obvious. It is an easy grab for parents and grandparents that will add years to a child's interest in their bicycle. This gift idea is perhaps the simplest option on this list but equally effective in encouraging kids to exercise.

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Photo of YKS RC Toy


Flying, talking, and walking droids are no longer a thing of the future. Current technology has caught up with sci-fi and the obsession with this new technology is immense. Unfortunately, real drones and remote-control airplanes are expensive. Is it worth the investment to buy one just to have it broken and abandoned weeks later? There are, luckily, other options out there. This remote-control helicopter is only $10 and a good way to get children out of the house. It is sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment.

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Photo of Alex Spa Nail Pens

ALEX Spa Nail Pens

Nail art is a rising trend on Instagram. This Christmas, girls are bound to be watching tutorial videos. They might even beg to go to a nail salon to get costly nail set done for themselves. ALEX Spa has a solution. Their nail pens are a high-quality, mess-free way to let kids experiment with nail art. They won't run up expenses or ruin the tabletop. It's an option that can promote creativity and imaginative thinking.

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Photo of Aoneky jump rope

Aoneky Adjustable Jump Rope

Jump rope was once a much-loved children's activity. Unfortunately, they have all but disappeared as children become more and more attached to cell phones and video games. But the holidays are an opportunity to change that! A gift like a jump rope is well worth considering. It's a way to get kids not only playing outside but also cooperating with their siblings or friends! They'll be just as excited to get out and try it as parents and grandparents will be to see them exercising. What a great way to bring back a classic!

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Photo of Cat Stax

Cat Stax

Puzzles are a time-honored way to challenge and occupy older children. While it's dropped out of style for younger generations, that doesn't mean it hasn't cropped up in newer and revitalized forms. Cat Stax is an innovative new way to challenge young minds. It's a simple game that children are sure to appreciate on Christmas morning. It comes with a travel bag for fun on-the-go. It also has an edge on traditional picture puzzles because it doesn't stop after one solution. There are many challenge cards to try out and even more ways to play with an active imagination.

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Photo of Oregon Trail card game

The Oregon Trail Card Game

The Oregon Trail was an early video game that got kids obsessed with the internet. Now, it has reappeared in a version that will drag kids away from the screen and rekindle their love for make-believe play. The card game works much like the video game but is multiplayer. Absorbing and enormous fun, it will bring kids together and open up a conversation about imaginative play.

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Photo of the Magic Cube

The Magic Cube

This toy is another reinvention of a classic. Like Rubik's cube, this handheld puzzle is a brain-buster that kids will love. The cube is different because it's made for harsh, sticky little fingers. It's a more durable, less complex version that will keep hyper hands busy all day. This tiny treat is great for growing brains and will be an exciting present to get in stockings everywhere.

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Photo of Face Paint Crayons

Face Paint Crayons

Halloween may be over, but the thrill of dressing up can last the entire holiday season. Children love to get their faces painted, but parents hate the mess and subsequent clean-up. Stuffing these non-toxic crayons in Christmas stockings will bring the rare treat of a festival or carnival right into the home. And it comes without any of the added mess. Face paint crayons will encourage artistic children to work on their creative skills and let everyone express themselves. They are an uncommon, small gift that kids will unquestionably love.

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Photo of Aluminum Stegosaurus

Aluminum Stegosaurus

Most kids love both dinosaurs and putting things together. Building projects give kids confidence and this fun, imaginative model is sure to thrill. It can be a fun activity involving parents and grandparents as well. It encourages the development of problem-solving skills. Children will never even know that they're learning; they'll be too busy having fun.

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Photo of Water Filtration Kit

Water Filtration Kit

For about $20, children can now build their own natural water filter. This Christmas gift challenges the brain while teaching important science skills. Like the dinosaur, it can be built alone or with the help of parents. It makes for a great stocking stuffer because it is low budget but high in functionality. Kids will go crazy for this experiment and will be eager to explore their outdoor surroundings to test it out. It is a unique way to spark interest in all things science.

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In this hyperconnected and technological cyberworld, sometimes it's best to get right back to basics by providing kids with gifts that get them outside and active (weather permitting) or alternatively, encourage good, old-fashioned family togetherness—affordably!

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