Spokester makes your bike sound awesome

Spokester Bicycle Noisemaker shown clipped on to front fork of child's bike

What's the Spokester?

Spokester is a plastic toy that clips on to the front fork of your bike and makes a motorcycle sound. Check out this video:

Fits most bikes

If it has circular forks, it'll fit. Works great on BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids' tricycles, balance bikes and road bikes.

Lasts hundreds of miles

Tested to keep rumbling for over two weeks of continuous use. That makes this gadget a lot better than baseball cards!

Snaps on by hand

Spokester is easy to install. Just snap it on by hand and you’re ready to ride! No tools are required.

No batteries required

The realistic motorbike sound is created as the Spokester paddles against the spinning spokes. For an even fuller sound effect, install two or more Spokesters!

Promotes exercise

Spokesters promote healthy, active play. Instead of sitting in front of a video game, your child will choose the active outdoor play his Spokester provides.

Safeguards your child

Spokesters are safety devices. Motorists and pedestrians can hear your child coming when his bike is equipped with a Spokester Bicycle Noisemaker.

Rumblin' Reviews

We get a lot of fan mail. Here's a small sample:

My son loves his Spokester! He spends hours pretending he is a motorcycle cop.
Photo of Emma, happy mother
Dear Sir, I love this product… reminds me of the days when I would "clothespin" baseball cards to my bicycle.
Photo of Greg, happy uncle
I installed a Spokester on my son's bike. Now all the neighborhood kids want one! I'll be ordering more for Christmas.
Photo of Adam, happy Father
My grandson is 5, and he loves these. Thank you. I will be ordering more…
Photo of James, happy grandfather
Hey… a short note to let you know we got the Spokester and it's great! Thanks!
Photo of Tony, happy Father