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39 Cool Bike Accessories for Kids

Getting some additional add-ons and accessorizing your kids' bike is a great way to keep them interested in cycling and encouraging your children to stay active. We are pleased to present some of the coolest bike accessories we could find on the web, from bike toys, to safety items such as lights and bells, to storage and holders that attach to your children's bike.

Bike accessories for kids categories:

Kids Bike Toys


Kids bike license plate

A great bike accessory as a gift or cheap stocking stuffer, the Ride Along Dolly customizable license plate includes over 150 letters and numbers and lets your kid make their own bike name plate to add to their wheels. They have fun creating their own plate with their name or whatever else they decide to write, it easily attaches to any bicycle and comes in three different colours.

$11.95 on Amazon


Bike wheel spoke beads

This classic 80s toy is still popular today and makes a great kids bike accessory. For the price and quantity of spoke beads, this pack of 325 beads (in 6 different colors!) is the best value for the money. Simply clip the beads onto the bike spokes for a fun multicolored way to decorate your kids wheels, they make a cool sound as your kid pedals down the road too! If you're interested in other bicycle noise makers check out 4 ways to make your bike sound like a motorcycle.

$11.99 on Amazon


Bike Spoke Reflector”

A different take on spoke reflectors (another old school classic bike accessory), Skin Wraps Bike Spoke Reflectors are spiralled individual reflectors that clip on individual spokes of the wheel. With 6 sets in different colours totalling 72 pieces, you can easily decorate your whole bike wheel. They're easy to fit on all bike types. The reflectors highlight is luminescent, so they light up to provide additional safety for your child in low light!

$13.98 on Amazon


At just $9.99, the Spokester bicycle noise maker will have the kids riding furiously back and forth pretending to be motorcycle cops. Spokesters are a wonderfully inexpensive way of making outside exploration fun. It's a small toy that attaches to bikes' wheels' forks, similar to the old fashioned playing card, so that the rest of the toy hits the spokes as the wheels turn to create the sound of a motorcycle.

$9.99 on

Flower spoke wheel attachments


With 12 different designs of flowers and butterflies, Ride Along Dolly Bike Wheel Spokies come in packs of 24. They are easy to clip onto bike spokes (similar to classic reflectors) and are a great decoration for any female rider's ride. They'll make a perfect holiday or birthday gift for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter.

$7.95 on Amazon


Chalk Tracks

The Cra-Z-Art Chalk Tracks bring out the creative side in your kids, letting them circle around and create art on the go! You attach this contraption to the rear of your bike, and then insert one of the 3 different colored super-sized chalk sticks into the end. Now, when you ride around, you'll leave a chalk trail behind you on the asphalt! They fit bikes and scooters, and the chalk is washable, so it will easily come off any stone or pavement in your yard or driveway or neighborhood sidewalk.

$19.98 on Amazon


Police siren for kids bike

This is a great gift for any child that loves police and playing cops and robbers. Let them imagine being a police officer and chasing down bad guys on their bike with this attachable police siren. It lights up with flashing and non-flashing options as well as a horn functionality. Not only is it good for pretend play, but can also double up as a safety feature to draw more attention to your child on their bike to get them noticed.

$8.99 on Amazon


Doll Bike Seat and Helmet

The Ride Along Dolly Doll Bike Seat and Helmet is a great bike accessory for girls, as it teaches your child bike helmet safety at a young age while they look after their doll or stuffed animal. They will get the excitement of riding their bike and pretend play with their toys, and you get to sneakily teach them about bike safety at the same time! The set comes in pink or purple and fits a standard 18” doll/stuffed animal. It includes stickers to customise the seat and helmet as well as Velcro straps for quick installation.

$17.99 on Amazon


Bike Handlebar Pinwheel

This pinwheel attaches to the handlebar of your kid's bike and spins as they cycle, creating an eye-catching decorative display. It's easy to attach and fits all standard handlebars, comes in two color options (rainbow or flowered patterns), and is 6 inches in size. Makes a great holiday gift or cheap stocking stuffer for kids due to its fairly small size. Good for both girls and boys.

$7.99 on Amazon

Bike Airplane Toy


Similar to the handlebar pinwheel, the bike airplane handlebar accessory spins as your little one cycles, and is great for imagination play. This is a low cost and fun bike accessory that is easy to install and durable. Attaches to the handlebar with a simple adjustable bracket.

$5.95 on Amazon

Bike Streamers


Sometimes simple is best and going with a classic kids bike accessory like streamers is always a sound choice. They add great decoration and blow in the wind as your kid is cycling, which is bound to put a smile on their face! The streamers come in rainbow colors and clip easily to the handlebars.

$6.99 on Amazon


Ride Along Dolly Bike Streamers

Another accessory from the Ride Along Dolly range, these pinwheel styled handle bar streamers are another great bike accessory for girls. They will fit most bicycle handlebars and easily attach. As well as the streamers themselves dancing in the wind, the pinwheels also spin! These add great decoration to your daughters, niece's or granddaughter's bike.

$7.95 on Amazon

Kids Bike Lights

Bike lights for your children's bicycles are some of the most important accessories you will invest in. Front and rear lights improve visibility for your child when they are riding in low light. On top of this, they also improve safety since they make it easier for your child to be seen by others. In addition to front and rear lights, many manufacturers have created bike lights that fit into the wheel of a bike, adding decoration, fun, creativity and even more visibility to your child's bike.

Bike Spoke Lights


The Nite Ize Spokelit LED Bicycle Spoke Light attaches across the spokes of the bike wheel. When ridden, they light up the whole wheel creating a cool circle effect. With a setting to make it flash or change colors this is a great decoration for any bike, especially older children, and provides that extra bit of safety to ensure your child is easily seen.

$17.99 on Amazon

LED Duck Bike Bell


This unique bike accessory is great for younger kids. It's a lot of fun with its light up functionality and bike bell sound. It comes with different hat options and is great for safety, since at 45 decibels others can hear your little one coming. The added LED provides even more safety in low light levels, either in always on or flashing mode.

$11.99 on Amazon

Animal Bike Light


These small LED bike lights easily attach to the handlebars and seat post of any bike. They come in white and red for both front and rear lights. Available in 13 different animals they make a cute and fun waterproof bike accessory. Your choice of 3 lighting modes (high or low speed flashing, or always on) lets you customize your experience.

$27.99 on Amazon


LED Bike Wheel Light

DAWAY make a range of different bike wheel lights. Once attached, these create eye catching displays, and are a great decoration for both adults' and kids' bikes.

The lights are energy saving and controlled by light and dynamic sensors, which let them turn on automatically when the bike moves or is in the dark. They have a feature to display different effects at different speeds, which is frankly just really cool. The A08 model attaches to your bike valve, and works both presta and Schrader type valves.

$11.99 on Amazon

Skull Bike Lights


These skull bike lights are a great bike accessory for boys and excellent value for money as they come in a set of both front and rear bike lights. They have steady and flashing modes and easily attach to your kids bike with adjustable straps.

$8.99 on Amazon


Skull light stem caps

Another skull light, but this time these small LED lights attach to the value caps of your kids bicycle. They're easy to install – just screw them onto the end of the valve stem. These are another great choice for boys, and provide some pretty cool decoration to your kids' wheels.

$8.85 on Amazon


Brightz Bike Wheel Lights

These are a competing product to DALWAY, but they have with fewer functions and a different attachment style. Instead of connecting to the tire valve, these LED lights take up the whole outer rim of the bike wheel, and are secured there with zip ties. This accessory will have to be for kids that have a wheel size of at least 20 inches. Choose from over a dozen colors!

$14.99 on Amazon


Monkey Light Bike Wheel Lights

The Monkey Light M210 Bike Wheel Light is a great bike wheel light. Although more expensive than the Brightz and DALWAY lights mentioned here, it comes with 19 unique themes and over 16 different colors. The patterns that you select move and become more dynamic and interactive as you cycle. This bike accessory is one of the best wheel decoration options out there and is rugged, waterproof and designed for all weather conditions.

$34.99 on Amazon

Bike Bells and Horns

These bike accessories help your kids stay safe by making lots of noise. Horns and bells will make it more likely that pedestrians, cars, and even other cyclists will hear them coming.

Bike Horn and Light


This bike horn featured on Dragons' Den and is a durable, waterproof horn-and-light combo that fits all bike and scooter handlebars. It comes with 25 different sound effects, from sirens, to animals, to musical instruments and more. It surely will get your kid heard. A remote trigger allows kids to keep their hands safely on the handlebar while they sound the horn. It also acts as a light, with 5 flashing options and a constant light setting.

$19.95 on Amazon

Ladybug bike bell


This cute bike bell comes in 4 different color options for both boys and girls. It's your classic bike bell, but shaped like a ladybug! A nice way to decorate your kid's bike, it still provides the safety and practicality of a bike bell.

$5.30 on Amazon


Unicorn Bike Bell

Another decorative bell and ideal accessory for girls. This Unicorn bike bell is universal, and fits most kid bikes with 20–25mm diameter handlebars. The bell is loud and clear and made from quality aluminium, giving it additional protection from bad weather and rust compared to steel bells. That's important with younger riders, who might not be the best at putting their bikes away after use.

$8.99 on Amazon

Nutcase Kids Bike Bell


Nutcase are known for their bike helmets but also have made a great range of bike bells. With over 11 different designs you're bound to find one your kid will love. These stylish classic bells are of excellent quality and easy to attach to handlebars of standard sizes between 22.2 and 25mm.

$14.99 on Amazon

Translucent Bike Bell


This bike bell is one of our favourites for its cool translucent case. Any kid that is interested in how things work will love to watch the mechanics of the bell in action. You can watch its internal cogs move as you ring the bell! It comes in 5 different see through colors, and fits handlebars with diameters between 21 and 22.5mm.

$12.99 on Amazon

sunlite squeeze bike horn


With 20 different unique animals and other designs, these bike horns are a real novelty accessory. They easily attach to the handlebars of any standard bike with a screw clasp, which ensures a tightened grip. This bike accessory is an excellent choice, so it's really worth checking out all the different versions to choose your kid's favorite.

$10.99 on Amazon


Bungle Bike Horn

These classic horns are loud and have that old-fashioned comedy factor. They will certainly make sure your kids are heard when they let of a blast! That's great for safety, but also just a lot of fun. They mount easily onto the handlebars with a small screw adjustment. This pack of 4 horns is an excellent value so you can have a few spares, or give some away to siblings, friends or parents.

$9.99 on Amazon


pink kids bike horn

Another classic bike horn but more suited to girls, this one is a bit more decorative. These horns are loud, which is great for safety, and they'll easily attach to handlebars with diameters between 20 and 23mm.

$11.59 on Amazon

Bike Handlebar Bags, Baskets and Holders for Kids

Strap these to your kid's bike so they always have somewhere to stash their water, toys, lunch, and whatever else they collect during their adventures.

bike handlebar bike


Made from polyester, this bag attaches to the front of the handlebars, or to the seat. With dimensions of 8.5” long x 4” diameter it's ideal for older kids who are closer to adult sized bikes.

$11.95 on Amazon


vintage kids bike basket

This classic bike basket with vintage looks comes in a kids' size. Made from bamboo, it's hand woven and very stylish. It's soft and durable, and has good water resistance, so it should withstand all types of weather without cracking or chipping. It's a great decoration for your kid's bike, but it's also practical and will help them store whatever they might find on their travels.

$25.00 on Amazon


lift off bike wire basket

The simple wire framed front bike basket mounts to hooks you attach to your front handlebars. This lets you lift it off the bike and take it with you once you reach your destination. It's ideal for going on picnics, and is available in 7 different colors. It makes a nice decorative attachment but is still very practical.

$29.99 on Amazon


This is a basic and straight to the point water bottle. It comes with the cage holder to screw onto your child's bike frame for easily taking it with you. Your bike frame will need existing screws for the cage to attach to, or you'll have to drill some. Low cost and simple, everyone should have one.

$4.53 on Amazon


This cute water bottle cage from Portland Design Works features the famous lucky cat design. It is made from aluminum, so it won't rust. It comes with two stainless steel bolts to install to your kids bike frame. Portland Design Works also have a sparrow, owl and dog water bottle holders.

$25.00 on Amazon


From the popular Disney movie Cars, your kid can enjoy these accessories on their bike with a combination set including bike bell, water bottle, and storage basket. This set is a great value for all three items. The basket will fit onto the majority of kids bikes, trikes and scooters.

$18.56 on Amazon


The Bovon Anti-Shake Bike Phone Mount comes with 360 degree rotation and is universal to bicycles and motorcycles (just in case you want to steal it for yourself from time to time). This accessory is not for the little ones, since they hopefully don't have a cell phone, but should be a nice upgrade for older kids who are leaving the home by themselves. This is a useful accessory that places the phone within eyeshot, so on those longer bike rides and treks you always have your GPS maps and sports tracking apps on display.

$11.98 on Amazon


We finish off our list with some random accessories that didn't quite fit the other categories but should still be included.


This isn't a traditional accessory for kids, but for any tech-loving child this one should go down a treat. Ideal for the more mature child cyclist, this accessory will encourage them to ride more as they enjoy seeing distance covered and top speeds. This XINTO Premium Bicycle Odometer and Speedometer is wireless, has a backlight and is waterproof with an LCD display screen. It's easy to install and multi-functional, with speedometer and odometer capabilities.

$13.99 on Amazon


These colorful bike locks are ideal for kids to have a more bright and fun way to keep their bike safe and secure. Great for locking their bike up at school or in town, especially if they've already accessorised and added some other items onto their bike.

$14.99 on Amazon


One lesser-known way to add decoration to your kid's bike is to customize their pedals. Not only will they help give their bike a bit of a makeover, but also some brands are also just generally great upgrades anyway. The Tong Yue Resin Kid's Bike Pedal, for example, has with excellent grips and additional reflectors for safety, and comes in 8 colors.

$8.99 on Amazon


The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is a great low-cost alternative to the more common GoPro series of action cameras. As this will be in the hands of a child it makes sense to go with a lower cost item in case of damage or loss. This action camera comes in a camouflage design and is durable and waterproof. It has a huge range of features that will turn any bike ride into an awesome home movie to look back on. Your kids will enjoy editing and getting creative as they spend time outdoors while also developing their computer skills.

$44.41 on Amazon

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