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27 Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids

If you're searching to find a cost effective stocking stuffer for your child then you've found the right place. Stocking filler presents are usually the first place a child goes to on Christmas day. Unfortunately, these gifts can be easily forgotten and may not played with after being opened if they are low quality and bought with little thought.

Your child, niece, or nephew would be forgiven for misplacing or losing a stocking stuffer gift if they were small gifts without much value or interest to them. So, let's change that and make sure that those presents are just as worthy as the main presents under the Christmas tree, but small enough to fit in the stocking, and cool enough to be remembered, played with and even cherished.

This list is full of ideas that are simple, high quality and cost effective. We've set a limit of nothing over $25.00.

Stocking stuffers under $25

Small Lego kit

Lego sets aren't always cheap, in fact the imperial star destroyer costs $700, and perhaps your little one (or partner!) is dreaming of something similar which is already wrapped up under the tree, however, start Christmas off with a much smaller set, retailing around $14. There is basically no better toy for imagination and creativity.

$14 on Amazon

Paper airplane how-to book

Most people probably know one, maybe two classic paper airplane formulas. There are hundreds of different designs out there, from high-speed darts to acrobatic designs and everything in between. This will keep the kids engaged and running around to retrieve the plane for another go.

$7 on Amazon

Flingshot slingshot flying screaming monkey

Ok, so this one is more just for fun than for imagination, but who doesn't like a screaming sky monkey with a cape? Name him Jerry the Banana King.

$7 on Amazon

Sidewalk chalk

For a box of 20 pieces of chalk at just $8, stimulate your little ones artistic side. There are multiple colour variations and a great option for little ones up to middle school.

$8 on Amazon

No spill bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles. At $14 this no spill bubble set keeps kids hands clean and saves the valuable bubble liquid that runs out from the easiest of spills. Bubbles are the greatest thing ever and entertain kids so easily!

$14 on Amazon

Photo of Alex Spa Nail Pens

Alex Spa nail pens

Nail art is a rising trend on Instagram. This Christmas, girls are bound to be watching tutorial videos. They might even beg to go to a nail salon to get a costly professional nail treatment. ALEX Spa has a solution. Their nail pens are a high-quality, mess-free way to let kids experiment with nail art. They won't run up expenses or ruin the tabletop. It's an option that can promote creativity and imaginative thinking.

$16 on Amazon

Photo of Cat Stax

Cat Stax

Puzzles are a time-honored way to challenge and occupy older children. While it's dropped out of style for younger generations, that doesn't mean it hasn't cropped up in newer and revitalized forms. Cat Stax is an innovative new way to challenge young minds. It's a simple game that children are sure to appreciate on Christmas morning. It comes with a travel bag for fun on-the-go. It also has an edge on traditional picture puzzles because it doesn't stop after one solution. There are many challenge cards to try out and even more ways to play with an active imagination.

$14.99 on Amazon

Photo of the Magic Cube

The Magic Cube

This toy is another reinvention of a classic. Like Rubik's cube, this handheld puzzle is a brain-buster that kids will love. The cube is different because it's made for harsh, sticky little fingers. It's a more durable, less complex version that will keep hyper hands busy all day. This tiny treat is great for growing brains and will be an exciting present to get in stockings everywhere.

$7.99 on Amazon

Face paint crayons

Halloween may be over, but the thrill of dressing up can last the entire holiday season. Children love to get their faces painted, but parents hate the mess and subsequent clean-up. Stuffing these non-toxic crayons in Christmas stockings will bring the rare treat of a festival or carnival right into the home. And it comes without any of the added mess. Face paint crayons will encourage artistic children to work on their creative skills and let everyone express themselves. They are an uncommon, small gift that kids will unquestionably love.

$8.41 on Amazon

Photo of Aluminum Stegosaurus

Aluminum stegosaurus

Most kids love both dinosaurs and putting things together. Building projects give kids confidence and this fun, imaginative model is sure to thrill. It can be a fun activity involving parents and grandparents as well. It encourages the development of problem solving skills. Children will never even know that they're learning; they'll be too busy having fun.

$14.99 on Amazon

Stocking stuffers for outdoor play


At just $9.99, the Spokester bicycle noise maker is a bike accessory that will have the kids riding furiously back and forth pretending to be motorcycle cops. Spokesters are a wonderfully inexpensive way of making outside exploration fun. It's a small device that attaches to bike wheels to create the sound of a motorcycle. Plus, cars will hear 'em coming, making everyone safer.

$9.99 on

Photo of remote control helicopter

Remote control helicopter

Flying, talking, and walking droids are no longer a thing of the future. Current technology has caught up with sci-fi and the obsession with this new technology is immense. Unfortunately, real drones and remote-control airplanes are expensive. Is it worth the investment to buy one just to have it broken and abandoned weeks later? There are, luckily, other options out there. This remote-control helicopter is $22 and a good way to get children out of the house. It is sturdy enough to withstand rough treatment.

$22 on Amazon

Photo of Aoneky jump rope

Adjustable jump rope

Jump rope was once a much-loved children's activity. Unfortunately, they have all but disappeared as children become more and more attached to cell phones and video games. But the holidays are an opportunity to change that! A gift like a jump rope is well worth considering. It's a way to get kids not only playing outside but also cooperating with their siblings or friends! They'll be just as excited to get out and try it as parents and grandparents will be to see them exercising. What a great way to bring back a classic!

$8.99 on Amazon

"Vortex" football

Retailing around $9 these are great toys for endless games of catch. Most of them have a whistle (or three) on them that adds a little bit of fun. They're smaller in size than a normal football so they're easier to grip and throw, and the tail fins stabilize their flight so you can throw them straighter and farther.

$9 on Amazon

Kids binoculars

At $8.50, what better way to stimulate a little of that explorer's instinct than some small binoculars? This one will have 'em climbing everything in sight to get a better vantage point.

$8.49 on Amazon

Kids swimming goggles

At just over $20 these cool swimming goggles make it on the list. Encouraging your kids to be active and swim, while also looking sharp with a variety of different designs and styles we would recommend the Bling 20 Kids swimming Goggle series. Both stylish and safe, these goggles offer full UV protection, a watertight seal and anti fogging.

$20.95 on Amazon

Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards

This GEQID Youth/Kids Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Protective Gear set comes in just under our budget at $24.98 for the ultimate protection for your little ones. Whether they are learning to skateboard, roller skate, or using their scooter or even learning to ride a bike, keeping your kids protected and safe will help them to love the outdoors as eliminating the chance of a grazed knee and tears will go a long way in keeping them practicing and getting the skills to master their little wheels. Available in red, pink, black and blue for him and her, you can easily wrap each set of pads on their own to fit all 3 into the stocking.

$24.98 on Amazon

Soccer shin guards for kids

Is your kid aspiring to be the next Messi, Ronaldo or Mia Hamm? With soccer (or football as the British call it) on the rise, getting shin guards and encouraging your children to 'have a kick about' has never been easier. Available in a range of sizes for children from 3'3" up to 5'11" teens and different colours the Vizari Malaga Soccer Shin guard is a great choice and stocking stuffer as small enough to wrap and fit in the stocking and comes in our budget at a low cost option of just $11.

$11 on Amazon

Animal keychain lights

At 11.49$ and a huge selection of animals, Sun Company's lifelight Animal keychain flashlights make a great stocking stuffer for outdoor play. Ideal for families that love to go camping, the super bright white LED will help your little one feel a part of the adventure and give them a sense of independence of their own. It can also double up as a great keychain and reading light for any indoor pillow forts that may get made at home.

$11.49 on Amazon

Kids walkie talkies

With a 3km range in open spaces and 1km in urban areas, the Hlaola walkie talkie is a great outdoor gift for kids and will add excitement to any camping advantage, hiking or skiing trip in the mountains. It can also double up and be fun around the house and garden. At $19.99 this gift can be easily wrapped to fit in a stocking earning it a place on the list.

$19.99 on Amazon

Kids gardening gloves

Do your kids have green fingers? Or do mom and dad love to spend time in the garden and want to encourage the kids to join in? Kids gardening gloves are a practical choice as small and easy to fit in the stocking. For ages 3-6 and at $8.99 a pair, it's a gift to keep. These will be appreciated by the kids when they naturally look to be involved and copy their parents. Gloves will keep their hands from getting dirty while you all enjoy some fresh air in the garden.

$8.99 on Amazon

Great games for stocking stuffers

Photo of Oregon Trail card game

Oregon Trail card game

The Oregon Trail was an early video game that got kids obsessed with the internet. Now, it has reappeared in a version that will drag kids away from the screen and rekindle their love for make-believe play. The card game works much like the video game but is multiplayer. Absorbing and enormous fun, it will bring kids together and open up a conversation about imaginative play.

$22.80 on Amazon

Top Trumps

A classic game that was first released in 1978 and still going strong today with a range of themes of your kids favorite characters from popular movies like Minions or Harry Potter, to deadly predators and the original car series, top trumps are a great game for kids that can be played between friends or parents. Averaging at $9.95 and a prefect size to wrap and fit into a stocking.

$9.95 on Amazon

Kids dominoes set

Another classic game that kids would love to learn. With colorful options and designs especially made for children, enjoy teaching your little ones how to play. Good for 2-5 players, so siblings and the whole family can get involved! Alternatively, stand up the dominoes to create a domino rally.

$16.99 on Amazon

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Recommended for 8 year olds and up, this is a great gift idea for any Harry Potter fan. At $19.99 you are not buying the traditional trivial pursuit board game that would obviously not fit in a stocking, these mini special themed versions have no board and come in small cubes ideally sized as a stocking stuffer. There are also other themed versions such as Dragon ball Z and Dinosaurs.

$19.99 on Amazon

Classic UNO card games

Another small and easy to wrap gift is the classic card game UNO. Ideal for taking on vacations and just as fun to play at home with friends or family, this gift will certainly get a lot of use and value for money. What's more, there are now cool variations so you can pick your kid's favorite character. There are lots of themes, including Super Mario UNO, Minecraft UNO and SpongeBob Square Pants UNO.

$8.75 on Amazon

Travel Battleship

The travel version of Battleships will fit into a stocking and at $14.99 this classic strategy game makes a great addition to a child's game collection. Suitable to take out of the house and ideal for vacations this is another great option to fill your stocking.

$14.99 on Amazon

So there we have it, we hope you enjoyed these cost effective ideas for stocking stuffers that will get used time and time again. If you have any suggestions then please let us know in the comments below.

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